April 2016

Lesson 5 : Give Your Word, Keep Your Word.

Look a man dead in his eyes, so he knows you talk truth when you speak it. Give your word, keep it. – Jay- Z


I believe that most people have good intentions. The world has a funny way of placing us in peculiar situations which test our integrity. Nonetheless, we strive for information that will better us, and if you are reading this right now then you are in that boat, congratulations. Give your word , keep your word. This means to put forth 100% effort in following through on what you say to people. If you cannot deliver on your word, then let the person know, this makes life so much easier. No matter the size of your word, a conscious effort to consistently follow through on promises will earn you a positive reputation. Your time is limited, learn when to say NO to avoid placing yourself in stressful situations.

Trevor's Takeaways:

  • Send a personal text message to yourself whenever you make a promise.
  • Stay in touch with people in case of any updates.
  • Read back through weekly text/emails to refresh memory.