December 2016

Lesson 13: Admire Others, Remain Yourself

Cause either you play the game, or watch the game play you, and be that broke muthafucka talkin bout I “stay true”. – J. Cole


The ability to respect an environment by adapting is an indispensable skill. Realize that all things will go on with or without you. Even LeBron James and Stephen Curry would be denied on the NBA basketball court if they decided they wanted to play in a white t-shirt instead of their team’s jersey. The fun is remaining true to yourself, the little details, your story. Society’s expectations are not going anywhere, although burdensome, never let them compromise the personality and individuality which you possess

Trevor’s Takeaway’s:

  • Have pride in your life.
  • Respect all cultures, seek understanding. 
  • Use favorite words, tell genuine stories.
  • Conform where necessary, gain power, change the game.